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Online Apprentice

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Online Apprentice is a personal tuition and hands on practical learning and support  service for those wanting to learn how to create an internet business and learn to work from anywhere in the world.

Success in any endeavour is based good solid basic knowledge. Using that knowlege in practice solidifies the understanding and gives both motivation and confidence.

The Online Apprentice program is designed to teach you the basics, further your knowledge and give you the platform to test your skills in a live environment. All this is done with the support net of our expertise.

The great part about it is that you get to keep ALL the money you earn from the tasks you are set and the products you sell during your apprenticeship.

This is not a "get rich quick" scheme and the principles we  teach are sound but will require patience and dedication on your part. Naturally, if you happen to have "The Midas Touch" then you will see results quicker than others.


The Online Apprentice works as follows:

1. Two hour initial session via skype or edufire. This will give you the basics you need for your first set of tasks.

2. Task setting, measurment and feed back. This is done weekly.

3. Support - constantly. Via email and scheduled skype calls.

Online Apprentice is a 3, 6 and 12 month program.

What are the prerequisites?

Basic computer knowledge such as Word processing, sending and receiving emails etc

You don't need your own website to enrol, you will be working off live data on one of our websites around the world.

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