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MyMentor is a personal mentorship and support service.

The road to success is often a lonely one. Lots of would be entrepreneurs fail due to the stress and frustation that builds up when they spend loads of time searching for information or doing something they don't particularly like or know well. That frustration and stress can be avoided and the information obtained in a few hours or days if they ask  the right people the right questions. It also helps tremendously to have someone to provide you with feedback on ideas and plans you have. You are not alone!

MyMentor works as follows:

1. We initially discuss what it is you would like to achieve with your online business and set goals with timelines with you.

2. We provide you with the knowledge support and feedback you need to overcome your obstacles and reach your goals.

3. We check up on you to see how you are coming along to ensure you reach your goals.

My mentor is a monthly subscription service so you choose how many months you would like support for.

What are the prerequisites?

Well, having your own domain and website is a start. If you do not have your own domain or website then we can help you with that first. Click here to get your own 5 page basic website or click here if you need more than just the basics.

If you suffer from "analysis paralysis" and don't know what niche to choose or what to do then you join our Online Apprentice program instead  then change to the MyMentor program when the training wheels come off.

Join MyMentor  now!


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