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CMS Websites

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What do you need to be truly successful in cyberspace? If you are a small, medium or large business, web savvy or not, or if mobility is your goal, a website is a good start , in fact, it is the perfect start .

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Now more than ever it is extremely simple to get your "cyber-home" up and running with powerfull functionality to make yourself globally visible and able to change information while on the move, from any internet enabled device.

The bottom line is that there are many different types of web sites. Some are purely catalogues or informational, some showcase your business & allow customers to make contact with you & others allow customers to purchases online using credit cards (e-commerce). Whichever kind of web site you need, we will lay your options out in-front of you.

Generally, there are two main structures of web sites: Custom programed (HTML sites) & Content Management Sites (CMS). These differ primarily in terms of who has control over the site once it has been set up. With HTML sites, you as the owner of the site do not have control over your site, unless you're trained in coding HTML. So if changes need to be made the designer of the site needs to make them (however small) and most likely charges you for their time (probably between R150 - R500 per hour).

This is not the case with Content Management sites, here, once the site has been set up for you, you have complete control over changes which might need to be made to the site, as these are easy to make.

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The image below shows the content editor console of Joomla!

joomla content editor

In our view, Content Management sites are definitely the way of the future. Their advantages and long term cost savings far outweigh custom programmed or HTML sites. Once a CMS is installed and running, it is simple for even non-technical users to add or edit content, update images, and to manage the critical data that makes your company or organization go. Anybody with very basic computer skills can easily learn to manage a CMS site. Joomla!

The advantages of having a Content Management site are:

1. The expense of maintaining the site is relatively low when compared with custom programmed sites.

2. Changes to the site are made immediately and with ease from any web enabled computer.

3. Your branding is carried throughout the site as templates maintain your sites consistency.

4. Graphics for the site are kept separate to text so changes are easy to make.

5. The site can even run polls, surveys, NewsFeeds, RSS etc as standard features

6. There are many, freely available modules that integrate easily into your CMS. If you need help setting up a web site , remodeling your existing web site from HTML to Content Management or improving your web site to better reflect your business, then you need to contact us . We can help!

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