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This section is for people who have an idea or project and want to make it a reality. Getting a website that allows you to change content on your own is just one tool in this section. Information to help you start your business with low costs is also found in this section.

Before you go any further remember this quote:

"If you get knocked down 7 times, get up 8 times" - unknown

The point is that your goal will never be reached without perseverance. You have to keep your eyes on the goal if you are to succeed.

Ok, lets get on with it. First you need to have the answers to, or at least think about these questions:

What, how, where and why. Why, should actually appear twice, as the first AND the last question.  Ponder on that for a moment or two.

The question of "when" is not in the list because when should always be now, or time = 0. That is the moment when your idea suddenly has potential.

If money is no obstacle for your progress then click next at the bottom of the page to move swiftly along. If money is a consideration for your progress, download the free financial freedom calculator from our downloads section, it will help you define , financially, where you are at the moment. That is a good place to start planning and charting your "why" and "what"  answers on the next page.

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