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Choosing a Domain Name

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"Everyone notices your domain name - even more so if you don't have one!"

If you're going to be in business, especially online, you are going to need to own your own domain name.

A domain name is what people will type into their web browser to get to your website. It is the www.yourwebsitename.com that you are all familiar with.

Here are some tips to help you make clever domain name choices.

It used to be that having your own domain name added to the professionalism and

legitimacy of your organization, branded you as a real business person, and made a great first impression.

It is always surprising when attending a networking function and someone  hands over a business card with This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as their email address. This may be a very important business person,a visionary leader or a world renowned personality. It doesn't matter because the first impression this gives is: "Amateur".

A matching web site and email address are the bare essentials for making a decent first impression, business wise.

To get a domain name that will properly represent you, this is what we recommend:

Domain Name Guidelines
1. Key words

Start with the key words that identify your business. These key words are the words

people will use to find your site or describe what your business will do for them. For

example, "hairstyles.com" may be taken, but try adding other key words around it and see what you can come up with, eg:


Using your list of key words will make your domain name descriptive. It's a good thing if people can take one look at your domain name and know what your web site is about.

This can also help to a certain degree with how search engines perceive your site

relevance. Keep your domain name as short and simple as possible. The shorter it is the easier it is to remember or type it into a browser. Many domain names are getting longer because the short and simple ones are mostly taken. Using a long descriptive name takes time to type into the browser but if you are marketing your site online exclusively, people will in general only have to click on the name rather than type it out.

You could also register an acronym of your site name for use on printed material and have that domain point to the same website.

can be: www.chsoy.com for your printed material

Using your key words will also make your domain name search engine friendly. You could also type some of your key words into the Google Keyword Tool to see how many people are searching for those key words each month.

2. Strange spellings

Try not to resort to strange spellings like EZBIZ.com instead of EasyBusiness.com. They are more difficult to remember and when you talk to people they seldom write them down correctly unless you spell it out for them every time.

3.  A .COM or .CO.ZA (or what ever country code your are from)?

Register a .com domain name as well as your country code if you can afford it and if the names are available to register. Think of where your target market will predominantly come from then prioritize your name choices. When people type in your web address they will  either accidentally or purposely type in .com or your country code first, depending on where they are from. People from the USA will not think of typing in .co.za first since they are more accustomed to typing .com addresses. You're losing traffic if you don't have your bases covered.

If you find a domain name that suits you then grab it. They're inexpensive and you don't really want someone else getting it before you do. When someone else gets it first you may need to buy it from them for exorbitant prices. Have you ever heard of CyberSquatters?

Register YourOwnName.com if you plan on being famous one day ;-)

4. Make sure that the domain is registered in YOUR name not the hosting company's name.

This little detail will save you loads of possible grief later. If your name is Jane Blogs then make sure that when you register your domain that the registrant will be listed as Jane Blogs, not XYZ  Internet Service provider. The company you register through can be named as the administrative and or technical contact but as long as you are the registrant you have the ability to move your domain to another service provider when you wish. If you don't retain this power then you are doomed to endure any bad service they may force upon you.

If you are thinking about registering your own domain name then

Click here to search or register all International Domains


Click here to search or register available European domains


Alternatively please check out the links on the side of this page.

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