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This section is to do with monitoring critical aspects of your business to help you make informed decisions.

We deal with items such as:

  • *Monitoring Bandwidth usage and optimizing quality of service (QoS)
  • *Device security and management
  • *Website visitor trending (Google analytics etc)
  • *Pipeline management
  • *Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • *Enterprise resource Planning (ERP)

Basically, the most elementary formula of business is:

Profit = Revenue - Costs

Profit is only a dream if you have upward spiralling costs. Your costs can only be reduced when you understand their nature.

For example, if your employees are spending hours on sites like Facebook or YouTube how much is that costing you?

In the example above, there are two main costs. The first is the lost productivity cost. This can be directly equated to a monetary equivalent. Seeing clearly what is actually happening on your network can give you valuable insight into ways that you can manage this hidden cost.

The second main cost that is linked to our example is the direct bandwidth cost. In countries like South Africa where you purchase bandwidth by the gigabyte, streaming of video or viewing  of large amounts of media has a direct monthly operational cost.

Read on to see some of the solutions that explain and address ways to manage your networks.



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