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Serotonin Inspiration Toolbar

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This is a short summary of how the toolbar can be used. It is free you and you can download it from http://SerotoninInspiration.OurToolbar.com/


The toolbar is meant to help you. It is designed for:

Those of you who want to work from home,

Those of you who already do jobs from home,

Those of you who spend a lot of time online building websites or doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

Those of you who want to learn how to build Content Management System (CMS) websites that you can manage all by yourself,

Those of you who want to learn about internet marketing or affiliate marketing,

Those of you who teach or consult and need tools to help you do your job online.

The list of users is much longer than what we have written but the people mentioned above will find real value in this toolbar.

Once the toolbar is installed into your internet web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari) it will appear as in the image above.

There are currently three sections to the toolbar.

The first section is Idea Inspiration.
This menu contains links to some research and trending tools as well as links to pages on our site that help beginners to think of an idea for their online presence which they can then research and possibly create their own revenue streams.
Experienced users would be able to use these tools for SEO assistance when writing content to see what is being searched for and write content accordingly.

The second section is Build your website.
This has links to Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress tools, books and components. (Currently it is a bit Joomla heavy since that is our CMS preference but over time  the Wordpress and Drupal parts will be more populated.)
There are also links to some web hosting companies from different continents, Stock images sites , Image editing tools, email auto responder tools and marketing tools like how to add the Facebook Like or Google +1 buttons to your site.
Webdevelopers would benefit from this section due to the fact that the links are easily accessible and they can work from any computer in the world by just downloading the toolbar and having access to the components that work well.

The last section is called Get Products & Services.
This section has links to Freelance sites, Affilate marketing networks around the world, Online consultation tools for educators / consultants.
This section is where people can find ways to monetize their websites or find work from other parts of the world. Those wanting to work from home will love this section.

The whole toolbar is intended to help people to work from wherever they happen to be in the world.

For (a random) example, If you hear of a world sporting event that interests you in Australia. How quickly can you find out which words people are searching for related to that event in Australia and around the world, build a website and sell tickets to that event? All that can be done in a day with the use of our toolbar. Obviously in this scenario the tickets will probably be sold by a third party (through affiliation) but if you do it right and do it in time then you get whatever revenue is due to you from commissions and do the same thing for other events.

In a (big) nutshell thats how all the parts of the toolbar can work together. Download it for free now from http://SerotoninInspiration.OurToolbar.com/


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