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Whether you are doing a research paper, market research, quantitative research, qualitative research or just idea research they all boil down to finding information of some sort.

With access to the internet becoming a standard for a lot of people, it is so easy to just search Google or some other search engine and be presented immediately with with thousands of results that may or may not be related to your topic of interest. There is no longer such a thing as an impossible quiz since the answers to so many questions are aso easily accessible.

The trick of course, as with most things, is knowing what the right question to ask is.

Take this example. If you point at a car and ask a child " what is that?" you will probably get the response "it is a car". Now if you were expecting the answer "it is a white car" then you asked the wrong initial question and wasted both your and the child's time because now you have to ask a follow up question to get to the answer you were expecting.

I use the example above to illustrate that a little forethought and knowledge will go al long way to getting you the answers you want, quickly. Why spend one hour searching for information when you can get the same or higher quality of information in half an hour.

A useful resource that some overlook is their network of friends. Many of us have friends who are specialists or know a good deal about a certain topic that we may be wanting to research. It may be worth your while to speak them first to help refine your questions so you can get to your quality information with ease.

We have created a toolbar that may be of a great deal of use to you in your searching tasks. It includes links to trending sites, keyword analysis tools and sites that will show you how to do real power searching for information.  You can download our free toolbar from: http://serotonininspiration.ourtoolbar.com  or click the banner on the top left of our site.




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