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Welcome to Serotonin Solutions

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It has already been more than 11 years of developing internet based and mobile device tools to help people :

  • Start their own business or projects,
  • Run their existing business more efficiently,
  • Build onto their existing business.

All our tools are developed or assembled with the under pinning concept that true mobility is not just a product. It is a combination of products and processes. We can help you with both.



Being able to work from anywhere at anytime is becoming extremely crucial to more and more people around the world. In times of economic hardship wouldn't it be useful to have resources and ideas that can help you create a source of income (internet based or other)? Analyze your existing business so you can make better informed decisions? Build the processes that are best for your business' growth?

Serotonin Solutions' founder, David Degbor, says:

"We know "technology" is a scary word to some people. "Mobile Technology" might seem even more daunting. That is why we translate the technology and its uses for you."

Our site is divided into four sections. These sections are Start, Run, Build and 123D.

Start - This section is for people who have an idea or project and want to make it a reality. Getting a website that allows you to change content on your own is just one tool in this section. Information to help you start your business with low costs is also found in this section. You don't need to quit your day job to start an internet based business for example.

Run - This section deals with monitoring your business. Knowing how your efforts translate effectively to your success is crucial information for any entrepreneur. Where are visitors to my website actually coming from? How can I cut my phone bill or bandwidth costs in half? Questions like these are addressed here.

Build - Growth is the focus of this section. If the analysis of your business points towards shifting to a mobile workforce, upgrading your infrastructure, developing a custom tool or process then this is where to go.

123D - This section deals with entire projects that focus on using mobile solutions to assist with Crime prevention, Education, HIV /AIDS education community upliftment etc. You can either donate to a project, contribute skills to a project or fund a project.

So now that you know what we do, how can we help you?


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