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What happened to Google's Wonder Wheel?

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For those of you wondering what happened to Googles wonder wheel, don't worry it is not gone, it was just changed due to the roll out of Google Instant. We will show you how to access it. If you are wondering what Google's Wonder Wheel is then you are in for a tool treat.

The Google Wonder wheel is a tool that help you to visually see the links between different keywords and topics by creating a sort of "mind map". Each topic has its own related terms and keywords so you can quickly see how certain terms are related.

When Google introduced Google Instant they decided to hide the Wonder Wheel search tool. Google Instant is the new enhancment that is said to decrease the time that searches are performed by suggesting search queries as you write them and also showing results for those search suggestions instantly. To see the Wonder Wheel you will need to turn off Instant. This is how:

First go to Google search page and type your search query in.


You can actually type anything you want into the search box since we want the Instant is on switch to appear on the right hand side of the search box. We typed Wonder Wheel. You can see the Google Instant suggestions.

Next, click on the Instant is on link on the right hand side of the search box.

instant is on



Now you must click on the " Off (press Enter to search)" option.

instant is off press enter to search





On the left hand side of your screen you will see a few options, one of which is the Wonder Wheel.

You can click on it to activate the tool.





When you have activated the Wonder wheel tool, it will look as below:

the wonder wheel



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